Large Prints

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There's a lot that can be said for having physical photo prints in an age of ubiquitous instant media. The magical touch and feel of a photo brings back the memories associated when it was taken.

Here at Picture City, our large-format prints are made for anyone and everyone. Thinking of printing your beautiful portrait shot? How about your favorite poster? Or maybe you just fancy your favorite photo gracing the walls of your home? Whether for home or studio décor, our large prints are available for whatever project you can conceive. With just a few drags and taps, you can order your large prints from the comfort of your home. All of this, while retaining the technical quality that your projects deserve.

For large print orders, we use an Epson SC-P20070 for printing. This is to ensure that the sizes needed are printed without sacrificing the quality of the prints. With a maximum capability of printing 2400x1200 dpi resolution pictures, even professional pictures can be printed while retaining maximum quality.

Due to the nature of large prints, we are leaving the cropping of the picture you want to be printed entirely up to you. We will still review the images as needed, but we encourage everyone to be as creative as you can, while considering the size of your order in determining your final crop

In general, any picture above 70dpi can be printed for up to a 16x20 print. That means that most smartphone pictures can be printed up to this size while retaining the quality. For anything bigger (such as the 24x20 prints), consider photos up to a 100 dpi in resolution. The bigger the dpi, the better the quality.

To check the dpi of your picture, right-click your images and select "Properties" then go to "Details" on Windows. On Mac, right-click the file and select "Open With > Preview", then click "Tools > Show Inspector."

Also consider uploading a PNG or high-quality JPEG to retain the best detail of the picture.

Lastly, consider uploading your pictures in an RGB color space instead of a CMYK. Please convert your images before uploading, or the final print may get messed up.

Inch Centimeter
11 x 14 in. 27.94 cm. x 35.56 cm.
12 x 18 in. 30.48 cm. x 45.72 cm.
13 x 16 in. 33.02 cm. x 40.64 cm.
14 x 17 in. 35.56 cm. x 43.18 cm.
16 x 20 in. 40.64 cm. x 50.80 cm.
20 x 24 in. 50.80 cm. x 60.96 cm.
20 x 30 in. 50.80 cm. x 76.20 cm.
24 x 30 in. 60.96 cm. x 76.20 cm.
30 x 40 in. 76.20 cm. x 101.60 cm.
40 x 60 in. 101.60 cm. x 152.40 cm.

Package is carefully bubble wrapped and boxed to ensure strong packaging and safe shipping.

The items are all original and are of high quality.

Purchased items are secured properly and are checked before delivery.

Standard delivery is 3 - 5 days for most items. Mounted canvas prints are to be delivered within 4 - 7 days.